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Esther Kim, L.Ac, MTCM

Esther Kim L.Ac, MTCM is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. She received her B.A from Pacific Union College as her undergraduate coursework. She then went on to graduate school by following her Father's footsteps by attending his Alma Mater- Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the next 4 years. She is currently NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) certified, State of California Board Certified (active), State of Washington Board Certified (inactive), and State of Georgia Board Certified (active). She has interned at UCLA ASHE Medical Center, ECTCM Medicine Center, as well as Los Angeles Free Clinic. After finishing her graduate school course, she practiced with her father at his private practice (Chan Acupuncture Clinic) in Thousand Oaks, CA for some time, as well as working at different medical facilities building her experience such as Ultimate Health Center, Premiere Sports Medicine, and Porter Ranch Medical Center. She has also volunteered at Simi Valley Free Clinic several times a month for few years, as well as has gone on several short medical mission trips to Mexico and S. Korea. She loves to travel, and to spend time with her family and  friends, and going on nature walks as well as helping out at her local church. She also loves to laugh and smile, and enjoys getting to know her patient's personal lives, and learning life from their personal journeys as well.    

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Hannah Tran, L.Ac, Dipl. OM

Hannah Tran is a Georgia licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Hannah graduated with her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from National University of Health and Sciences (NUHS) where she graduated top of her class as Valedictorian with honors.  Her undergraduate achievements include a BS in chemistry and biology from Georgia State University.

She began practicing the art of acupuncture at several private clinics around the Atlanta areas soon after graduating from NUHS. Her experience includes treating patients with a wide variety of ailments, from general to complex, with a specialty in fertility and IVF support, acute and chronic pain, and mental/emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Hannah takes great pride in her work and genuinely desires patients to return to their optimal health through holistic therapies. She has a strong belief that acupuncture and herbal therapy, combined with good nutrition and balanced lifestyle, give the potential for great transformation within the body. Hannah is very excited to be part of the Cobb Acupuncture team!

Acupuncure & Migraines:

Researchers concluded that acupuncture can significantly reduce migraines better than medication alone. Subjects who received traditional acupuncture showed lasting improvement in migraines when compared to participants who received mock acupuncture plus Rizatriptan. 

J. Headache, 2008 March.



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Inside the Emory Clinic Building (3903 Building), Suite 200

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"I have had a herniated disc since 16 years ago. I had laser surgery about 13 years ago which relieved some of the pain but not all. Since then my back had been getting progressively worse. All along I have been seeing a Chiropractor which gave some relief, but again did not totally take the pain away. I always wondered about Acupuncture and when I decided to try, I was hoping that by 3 or 4 visits I might start to see a difference. To my amazement, I was pain free after my first visit (for the first time in 16 years). I was amazed and I have been telling everyone I see ever since. I am so grateful to Dr. Kim."

                                                            09/25/2013- Cynthia Hinck

“Dr. Kim is Amazing! I came into her for the first time. My back pain was 6-8, within 2 days I had absolutely NO pain after my first visit. She takes plenty of time to listen to your concerns and is fantastic at knowing exactly what to do. She also has great followup.”

“She knows her stuff. She’s really good. Well worth going back.”

“She is a very young doctor, but she is very good.” 

“Highly recommend! Professional and knowledgeable.” 

“It was a great experience! I recommend this office to anyone that wants to try Acupuncture!” 

“Thought Dr. Kim was awesome! Will stay a client.” 

“This was a wonderful experience. I was experiencing abdominal pain. After one session I am pain free. Esther Kim is very good at Chinese Medicine. I will be a regular patient.”

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